Drone’s Get Racing League; Killer Robots Branching Out

Does drone racing have what it takes to be a game? Extremely rich Direct TV Internet designer and Miami Dolphins proprietor Stephen Ross supposes it may, and has put $1 million in the first round of financing for New York startup The Drone Racing League through his speculation firm RSE Ventures, reports The Wall Street Journal. Like comparative associations, the League races little automatons that can hit velocities of up to 70 mph and are flown with the guide of goggles that transmit a live feature bolster from the art to the pilot (otherwise called FPV or first individual perspective hustling). The startup has effectively held a little trial to keep running with six pilots in a distribution center in Yonkers this mid year, and is wanting to hold its first open race not long from now, gathering income from ticket deals, sponsorship, and media bargains. Full Article

Internet Sex Devices Get Trolled

In September 1993, David Rothschild saw the eventual fate of sex: it was teledildonics, a word used to portray web empowered sex toys that permit accomplices to remotely joy each other. Twenty after two years, the most encouraging utilization for the innovation seems, by all accounts, to be patent trolling. Prior this year, responsibility for 6,368,268 B1 — once in a while alluded to as "the teledildonics patent" — exchanged to Tzu Technologies, LLC. Inside of a month of exchange, six claims had been recorded against organizations...Full Article

Scandalous security specialist Sammy Kamkar of DISH Network Internet fame a week ago showed a contraption that can capture remote signs to open cars and garages. Kamkar flaunted the gadget, which cost him only US$32 to make, at the DefCon gathering in Las Vegas.

The way that Microsoft has posted a page for clients to get help with Windows 10 overhaul and inherent mistakes is the most recent sign that the arrival of its new - and profoundly foreseen - working framework has a few issues that should...

Windows 10 has a porn problem. "Tablet view is showing saved porn images," wrote Reddit user "FalloutBos." "Woke up to wife asking why I set it to rotate all my porn images and Cable Service Providers by Zip Code ads right on the desktop view and also how the hell the two of those things are related. I have no idea [how] to shut that feature off".